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Alberta Proud is a grassroots group working to defeat Rachel Notley with a state of the art digital campaign. We're supported by over 168,000 Albertans and continue to grow each week.

We use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to bypass a biased media and get the word out on Notley’s failed policies. Our approach is working. Our videos and viral memes are seen by over a million Albertans each week.

We know Notley’s union allies will spend a fortune to keep her in office. That’s why we created Alberta Proud – to fight back. Everything we do is financed by donations from everyday Albertans like you.

Please consider making a donation so we can keep running ads across the province. We can't underestimate Rachel Notley or let up for even one second. This next election is simply too important.

Contribution Disclaimer:
As per Elections Alberta financing laws, (1) all contributions will be disclosed to Elections Alberta. Contributions of $250 or more, individually or cumulatively, will be disclosed on the Elections Alberta website, including the name of the contributor, the city where they live and the amount of the donation. (2) Only Alberta residents, Alberta employee organizations and Alberta corporations may contribute to election advertising. (3) Contributions cannot be made jointly; each contribution must be made by a single individual or organization, using their own funds.