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Are you tired of politicians who are only in it for themselves, and think they can do whatever they want, regardless of what's good for their people? Because Alberta Proud is fighting for YOU!

In 2024, Alberta will be facing challenges on all fronts.  That's why we're working overtime to present the facts to our fellow citizens.

We're supported by over 220,000 Albertans, and continue to grow each week.

We use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to bypass a biased media and get the word out on issues that are important to Albertans like you.  Our approach is working.  Our nationwide network's videos and viral memes are seen by almost 10 million Canadians each week -- and politicians are taking notice.

But we can't keep up this level of success -- or increase it -- without your help.  We need even more people to learn the truth.

Everything we do is financed by donations from everyday Albertans like you.  Please make a contribution to help us:

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