Marco Navarro

Marco Navarro-Génie, BA (Concordia University), MA, PhD (University of Calgary) is president of the Haultain Research Institute and Senior Fellow with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.  He was the fourth President of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He served as Vice President of Research at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy after his two decades in academe. Added to  his peer reviewed publications, he has authored more than 100 op eds and newspaper articles.

Dr. Navarro-Génie taught in the Department of Policy Studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary, at St. Mary’s College, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), the University of Calgary, and Concordia University in Montreal.  His teaching and pioneering research has been recognized, respectively, by a Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award (1999) at Mount Royal University and an Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship (2004-2006), held at the University of Calgary.  In addition to his academic credentials, Navarro-Génie has a unique combination of skills: vast research experience, sound managerial abilities, media experience, crisis management, governance, fundraising and strong public relations.

He served as Vice-President, Treasurer (Interim), and President of Civitas, a Board Member for the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (Rights and Democracy), and a member of the Board of Directors for The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. Dr. Navarro- Génie is fluent in English, French, and Spanish. His current areas of interests are identity politics, energy and environment, higher education, immigration and labour.  You can follow him at @mnavarrogenie on Twitter.