One Term Trudeau Fund

Alberta Proud is a grassroots group working to defeat Justin Trudeau with a state of the art digital campaign.

We're supported by over 165,000 Albertans and continue to grow each week. At Alberta Proud, we use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to bypass a biased Canadian media and get the word out on Justin Trudeau's failed policies. 

Our videos and viral memes are seen by millions of Canadians each week. Alberta Proud has emerged as the most popular Facebook page in Alberta politics, with sister pages in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

We're creating a Canada-wide network to defeat Justin Trudeau in every province. And we need your help to do it.

As a registered non-profit, every cent you donate will go toward running ads against Justin Trudeau during the next election.

Please consider chipping in what you can.

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