I Pledge to Vote for Alberta

Albertans will decide our next provincial government on May 29, 2023.

The time is now for each of us to get loud, get Alberta Proud, and get involved.  You can do this by volunteering, by having conversations with friends and family, by joining Alberta Proud, and most importantly, by getting out to vote.

For too many years, Alberta has been ignored by Ottawa in our mission to get a better deal -- a fair deal.  We've asked for autonomy from our elected officials.  We've held elections.  We've held referendums.  We have demanded better from Ottawa.  And yet, little has changed.

Enough is enough.  Let's show our elected officials that we are ready to hold them to account to stand up to Ottawa and stand up for Alberta.  Together, we can make them protect our energy, our industries, our jobs, our taxes, our autonomy.  Let us all pledge to vote for a government who will do just that.

I pledge to vote in the upcoming election, for the candidate in my riding who represents the interests of Albertans over the interests of Ottawa.  I will vote for a premier who defends our energy, defends our sovereignty, and defends our provincial interests from meddling by the federal government, or other governments who threaten our prosperity.

I will vote to keep Alberta jobs, Alberta taxes, Alberta prosperity, and opportunity right here in Alberta, for us and for our children.

I will vote for choice in healthcare, education, jobs, and markets.

I will vote in favour of the interests of regular hardworking Alberta men and women on the front lines of our industries.

And I pledge to make my vote on Election Day my first action -- not my last.

I pledge to keep Alberta strong and free.  And to remain Alberta Proud.


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