Tell UofA: Revoke Suzuki's honourary degree

David Suzuki, a radical environmentalist known for his long-running TV series on CBC, recently claimed that if governments don't start doing what he wants in order to stop climate change, "there are going to be pipelines blown up."

The implication of the use of terrorism to achieve political goals should be considered unthinkable in Canada, or any civilized country.

In 2018, the University of Alberta gave Suzuki an honourary degree.  This was a bad idea at the time, given his decades of hostility preaching against the industry that provides so much prosperity to Alberta -- and all of Canada -- and employs thousands of UofA alumni.

This should be the last straw.  Let's send a message to the UofA: take a stand against threats of violence & environmental extremism, and revoke David Suzuki's honourary degree.

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