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We have a government in Ottawa imposing a blockade on Alberta. It is causing a national emergency in Canada, and there is an urgent need to think about Alberta's place in Confederation.

Does Alberta have viable options and a credible case to go it alone if necessary?

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We invited Albertan and Canadian experts to come and talk about how we got here, what the economic possibilities are, what might more autonomy look like, and what we want from Canada if we force open the Constitution.


Announced Keynote speakers include:

  • Ted Morton on "What we’ve tried before: Was the ‘West Wants In’ a worthwhile failure or just a failure?"  Dr. Morton is a political scientist who has studied these issues for many years, was a co-author of the original firewall letter, and a strategist for the Reform Party, as well as a former Alberta Finance Minister.

  • A panel discussion on "The Economic Value of Alberta" with prominent Alberta economist Jack Mintz and former Federal Finance Minister Joe OliverDr. Mintz coined the phrase 'Albexit' to describe a possible outcome of Alberta's situation.  Mr. Oliver has written extensively on Alberta's sense of alienation.

  • Conrad Black on "Is there a Canadian Manifesto without Alberta?" Lord Black has written extensively on Canadian and world politics and his current book includes proposals to set Canada back on course.

  • Randy Royer, on the reasons Alberta struggles to fit and where we go next

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January 18, 2020 at 8:00am - 5pm
Convention Centre Calgary
120 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0P3
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